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What circumstance below chromatic adornment stainless steel plate can appear fade phenomenon

color decorative stainless steel sheet

Color stainless steel decorative plate will not fade?This problem believe many bosses in the decoration industry has to deal with a problem, because the surface of stainless steel after processing, presented by the result, in addition to the surface with etching pattern and a variety of different color the surface layer and a layer without fingerprints, when the industry bosses would ask that these surface plating colour will not rub off?If it is very understanding of the experience of stainless steel surface treatment will be very affirmative answer you, under normal circumstances will not fade, you may be very question why is under normal circumstances will not fade?We all know that stainless steel itself has the performance of corrosion resistance, plus the performance of electroplating itself is more excellent!All discoloration is not normally present.But on the surface of the coating color in some special cases or will have different degrees of fading phenomenon, we will say in which cases will appear in the fading problem!

One, the processing of plating time is not enough

Some factories in order to save time cost, as the surface treatment of shortening the time of a batch of plating color, theoretically plating color, the longer the strong degree of plating layer more high, the theoretical color stainless steel decorative color is more durable, over time will be longer, use 5 to 10 years is also won’t rub off.

Two, the application of the root is also relevant

We all know that under the condition of stainless steel in certain ph imbalance, such as close to the coastal areas or when installing some acid accidentally touch the glue color stainless steel decorative surface do not timely processing or treatment method at the time, not in different degree, the surface plating layer damage, serious can lead to the stainless steel base material of rusty phenomenon!

Third, the external human factors

In our future use process, it is inevitable that there will be artificial improper use caused surface damage, such as carving, corrosive liquid may make color stainless steel decorative plate fade, if the use time is too long, long time exposure to the sun and rain!

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Post time: Mar-20-2020
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