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Matters needing attention and protection measures for processing of elevator decorative stainless steel plate

After finishing the processing of elevator decoration board, a protective film will be affixed to the surface, so that the surface is bright and clean not contaminated, or not to scratch hard objects. If the quality of the protective film is poor or placed for a long time, there will be a powder, it is difficult to tear or tear after adhesion of a lot of glue, causing the surface of stainless steel is ugly and difficult to remove.


Therefore, when the elevator decoration stainless steel sheet inspection, can be torn apart the larger area of the protective film, see the quality of the film. What should note especially is, after decorating a process is finished, must tear off protective film as soon as possible, such ability extends the service life of chromatic stainless steel plate.


After a variety of processes from the elevator decoration board, the surface will be affixed with a layer of protective film. This layer of protective film, mainly to protect the surface of the plate, to ensure that the next processing of the surface can be intact. If the method is improper when sticking the film, or the quality of the film does not pass, but will cause damage to the surface of the plate.


Therefore, when the film should first choose a reasonable viscosity of the film. Common film has black and white film, blue film, transparent film, commonly used thickness of 5 to 7 silk, viscosity has low viscosity to high viscosity, customers can choose according to their needs. The viscosity must be increased in winter and reduced in summer. These choices are mainly to prevent two kinds of phenomena: one is the viscosity is not enough film off automatically, the other is the viscosity is too large to cause tearing film difficult, or even degumption phenomenon.


Secondly, the quality of the film is also the key. From the production process, the rubber particles in the film is difficult to avoid, but the rubber particles for the elevator decoration board subsequent stamping, stretching have a great impact, so it is necessary to the size and quantity of rubber particles to make requirements, customers can make standards according to their own quality requirements. Similarly the inclusion in the film, bubbles, folds will affect the quality of the product, if the customer requirements are really high, you can choose to import the film.

elevator stainless steel sheet

Film technology is also very important. Sticking film does not pass, also can cause rubber film bubble or fold, these quality problems and stick film machine and staff operation level, processing center should avoid similar situation. Generally speaking, there are mainly five kinds of elevator decorative plate processing, respectively for rolling surface processing, mechanical surface processing, chemical surface processing, mesh surface processing and color surface processing, in our processing of these stainless steel decorative plate, there are some places need to pay attention to.


If it is a large area of use, for the substrate or coil, should use the same batch, in order to avoid problems. When choosing the type of surface treatment, consideration should be given to the production process. If you still want to finish, then will increase the processing costs, so choose to be careful. In the elevator decoration plate processing, the two points of attention to be considered in advance, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the later processing

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Post time: Apr-12-2020
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