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How to install stainless steel background wall

stainless steel wall

A stainless steel wall construction process is the general structure of the following points: basic processing → bullet → embedded iron parts → installation of vertical keel → inlaid transverse keel → anti-embroidery processing → concealed acceptance of stainless steel panel → installation of stainless steel panel → adjustment → sealing plate seam → cleaning

Two, there are many ways to choose: the stainless steel plate installed on the wall, according to the process requirements and the purpose of installation and construction cost requirements, there are many ways to choose.The most commonly used are directly fixed with expansion bolts, and the stainless steel plate is fixed directly with a percussion drill in the wall;You can also use the wall special glue for pasting, with special glue for pasting fixed;You can also do a good job of basic treatment, install the framework, and then install the stainless steel plate, this way should be more appropriate.

Three, do a good job of wall treatment before installation: before installation, should do a good job of installation area wall and wall internal treatment, the water and electricity pipeline in the wall should be installed in accordance with the plan, the relevant pressure pipeline has been tested and meet the requirements;The wall has been leveled, and to ensure that the wall is dry, with the corresponding construction conditions.

Four, prepared to marking: according to the concrete construction plan and requirements, according to the floor height, width, elevation of metope processing, with box feet measure step annotations on metope, this is said in the construction of “line” construction procedure, specific labeling should be very careful when, with clear, this step is to determine whether the stainless steel plate installation level off, the gap between plate whether appropriate, has important influence on the quality of the whole construction.

Five, the installation of the keel: do a good job of marking, it is necessary to begin the installation of the keel.Here is a simple popularity of what is the keel, keel is used to support the wall shape, fixed structure of a building material, is used in decoration is very common skeleton.The keel installation should be in general order, from the suspender big keel, small keel, layering and other construction item by item, the construction must pay attention to the accurate installation in accordance with the line, the connection is fixed firmly with the bolt wire buckle, the space between each other according to the routine, convenient installation of stainless steel plate.

Six, do a good job of rust prevention treatment: for the keel material generally choose metal material, placed on the wall, the above also buckle the panel, long time will be affected by oxidation rust, affect the safety of the material.Therefore, after the installation is completed, rust removal should be carried out.The key is to weld the surface, such as the connection point, fixed point, should be brushed before the next step in the process of antirust paint, do a good job in the relevant treatment.

Seven, the installation of stainless steel plate: before the installation of stainless steel plate, be sure to check and accept the early construction, to ensure that the construction process is qualified, because the installation of stainless steel plate, the early construction is blocked up, and then check and accept is not convenient.After acceptance, the installation of stainless steel plate began. If it is a whole steel plate, it will be installed directly and compressed with laminating closure.If it is a number of steel plates, you need to install a piece, do a good job of laminating closure, and ensure that along the keel marking line flat installation.

Eight, related precautions: in the installation process, we should pay attention to the construction in strict accordance with the operation specifications, handle with care during installation, avoid deformation and damage of related components, do not contact with other hard objects, avoid the influence of stainless steel surface damage, stainless steel plate and keel buckle is firm, and do the corresponding moistureproof, heat insulation, rust prevention and other treatment.

Nine, with stainless steel wall plate wall surface decoration.Stainless steel U-shaped decorative lines, with a variety of colors to choose, suitable for packaging wallboard, door frame, door cover, window cover, it is very classy after loading.Apply stainless steel trim to the wall panels.

Post time: Mar-11-2021
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