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Have you understood the characteristics of colored stainless steel plates


Color stainless steel plate and ordinary color products are different, ordinary color products are basically through spraying or water dyeing processing, it is very easy to fade in the air or rain.

While colour of stainless steel plate is different from the characteristics of such products, the processing technology of the panel color is in the environment of the vacuum plating, electroplating panel color is the color of the metal ions, metal ion and iron ion generated between charge attract relationship between particles, countless particles condensed into attractive, made of stainless steel plate ion layer has very strong adsorption capacity, so the color of stainless steel plate for a long time won’t rub off, faded, this also is the biggest characteristic of colored stainless steel plate.

In addition, color stainless steel plate features the following points:

Color stainless steel board color can be light, common rose gold, not only can be adjusted to a lighter rose red color, can also be adjusted to a darker color of black rose color, so when ordering, it is best to specify the color of the board color depth, so convenient custom color stainless steel.

In the production of color stainless steel plate, generally by controlling the length of electroplating, electroplating voltage, frequency, etc. to control the color of color stainless steel, such as the mature titanium color in the market, choose a fixed time, the corresponding voltage and frequency can be plated without color difference in titanium products.

The color of chromatic stainless steel board is rich, the color with the most electroplating now has rose gold, black titanium, gem blue, titanium gold, champagne gold, bronze to wait, among them rose gold, black titanium, titanium gold is the most common, they are used to make all sorts of archaize furniture, building to decorate wait for a purpose more. When ordering, you can choose the color according to it, which is very convenient.

Color stainless steel plate not only enough to look, durable, but also very resistant to dirt. To the fingerprint processing color stainless steel plate, color stainless steel plate can not only improve antioxidant properties, and also has the advantages of waterproof, prevent fingerprints, so it can be used to make all kinds of stainless steel door, not easy dirty, not only has a very good performance, such as common stainless steel, bronze, stainless steel wire drawing board rose gold wire drawing board are make no fingerprint technology.

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Post time: Aug-08-2020
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