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Forming principle and application of etched stainless steel plate

More design(Etching)

Stainless steel etching plate surface beautiful huan, it is the use of stainless steel raw materials with grinding fluid through the polishing equipment on the surface of the steel plate for polishing, so that the surface is flat and luminosity as clear as a mirror. Mirror stainless steel etching plate products are widely used in architectural decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facilities decoration and other decoration projects.


Mirror stainless steel etching plate processing and production process can be divided into general grinding and fine grinding two ways, two ways can see the brightness of the surface of the mirror to distinguish, and the surface of the surface of the sand and grinding flower must be less. Generally speaking, stainless steel plate is processed with polishing machine, the slower the speed of its journey, the more groups of grinding, and such effect will be very good.


When stainless steel plate USES polishing equipment to process, it is to want to make sand to plate above all, put stainless steel plate next in lapping fluid, among them want to pass the grinding head with different thickness grind, grind processing is basically the processing of stainless steel plate surface, this step basically is to get rid of that layer of oxidation layer on the surface of stainless steel plate.


Stainless steel plate is carved on a board a variety of patterns, these patterns, looks not only vivid but we also found that the stereotype in the process of using still not back to appear the phenomenon of corrosion, so at home in the bathroom and some easy tide place can use stereotypes, all sorts of different design on stainless steel plate, plus some lights you will find that the effect of like real beauty.


So when we have a family to decorate, we don’t have to worry about home decorating is always so monotonous without any intention, we use the stainless steel plate can change our traditional decoration and facing problems, can make our life more beautiful, let us home more beautiful.


etching¬†Stainless steel plate not only changed the life of every one of us but also will realize people’s demand for home decoration beauty. Stainless steel etching plate can be simply understood as on the stainless steel plate, or stainless steel products with the design of the product. Generally is the mirror or wiredrawing surface as the basic surface, can be combined with sandblasting, copper plating, titanium plating and other processes, formed a variety of products.


Such products are mainly used in elevator decoration, kitchen and bathroom production, architectural decoration, store decoration, subway station decoration, stainless steel door decoration, night market decoration and other places. Typical elevator car, hall door generally supplemented by etching process.

Post time: May-07-2020
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