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Color stainless steel plate of 4 choose and buy main points

color stainless steel plate

Because the product of supplier good and bad are intermingled, what always has partial consumer to buy is inferior stainless steel board. Next, mei bao titanium stainless steel to teach you to choose and buy stainless steel decorative plate 4 points.
Point 1: look at the metal surface

Because chromatic stainless steel plate is used mainly at building adornment decorates, because this ornamental sex appears especially important. Consumers in the inspection, the need to strictly check, observe the surface whether there is color difference, scratch, sand, peeling water marks and other problems.
Point 2: identify the surface coloring process

Stainless steel surface coloring process will affect the price. Water plating color: give a person not real, not delicate feeling, just like spraying on, also can produce the pollution of waste water, the price is lower. Vacuum plating: relatively environmentally friendly, will not produce toxic or contaminated substances, so the price is higher.
Point 3: the quality of the film

The surface of chromatic stainless steel plate usually can stick a protective film, with its assure the finish of the surface, and can avoid to suffer the scratch of hard thing. Poor quality of the protective film, put for a long time, will appear the phenomenon of pulverization, it is difficult to tear, or tear on the surface will adhere to a lot of glue. When inspection, it is recommended to tear open a larger area to check the quality of the film.
Point 4: material discrimination

Market color stainless steel plate commonly used material is divided into 201, 304, 316 and other models. Among these models, 316 has the best corrosion resistance, while 201 is the worst. The price difference is also large. Because this partial undesirable business regular meeting USES 201 to replace 304 and 316. There are some businesses, will use the plating and coloring process to replace the vacuum ion plating and coloring process, resulting in a lot of architectural decoration decoration projects installed stainless steel plate, the surface of the color off, rust and even fracture.

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Post time: Apr-09-2020
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