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Фошань Meibaotai нержавеющей стали Продукты Лтд находится в городе Фошань, который является крупнейшей производственной продукции из нержавеющей стали и хранения базы для Южного Китая. Прочитайте больше

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Color stainless steel plate 8 performance characteristics

1. Corrosion resistance: immersed in 0.5ml/L hydrochloric acid for a long time to maintain the passive potential and no corrosion.Simulation GB4334.1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) -84, gb4334.5-90, gb5776-86, gbl0124-88, gbl0125-88, and 10% FeCl3 solution currently accelerate the corrosion of raw stainless steel and colored stainless steel plates.As a result, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is much higher than that of the same raw material. 2. Heat resistance: soak in boiling water for 28 days;Exposure at 200°C for 5 weeks: long-term exposure below 250°C: heated to 400°C, film color does not change significantly. 3. Abrasion resistance and scratch resistance: it can withstand the pressure of 500g/cm2, the friction of rubber shall not exceed 20000 times, and 300g steel needle shall not be scratched.4. Processing performance: it can withstand conventional molding, deep drawing, bending and hardening. After 180°C bending test and 8mm cupping test, the oxide film is intact. Color stainless steel plate 4. Scrubbing resistance: if there is dirt on the surface of the product, it can be cleaned with any organic solvent, neutral and water. 5. Anti-fouling: after the surface is stain...
Color stainless steel plate 8 performance characteristics

About color stainless steel plate application style introduction

Color stainless steel plate is a new indoor and outdoor decorative partition products, in the past two years very popular. In the process of design and planning, the color stainless steel plate must be unified with the interior and exterior decoration style. The quality of the process is also related to the price level. When we choose color stainless steel plate, the first choice is design, mainly European style, Chinese style, classic and modern style. Chinese color stainless steel plate is welded with stainless steel tube, forming a Chinese style conventional, square. It seems very simple, but the smooth surface transmission of color stainless steel plate has a three-dimensional effect, suitable for the hall, Windows. Ou shi style, basically highlight the softness of line, basically by curve composition, its planar visual effect is very good, suit indoor partition adornment. Classical and modern styles are mainly reflected in the choice of surface texture and color, for example; Red bronze, bronze, reflecting the classical charm. For more color stainless steel plate information please visit: http://www.meibaotai.com
About color stainless steel plate application style introduction


стиль экрана: Лазерная резка раздел панель экрана, арабский дизайн, современные конструкции, классические конструкции или просто предложить свой дизайн или рисунки.

ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ декоративный лист

Область применения: украшение дома, девелоперская компания, украшение компания, строительная техника, гостиницы KTV, тренажерный зал, офисное здание, частные виллы, ресторан и т.д.
ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ декоративный лист


Офис раздела, лобби гостиницы раздел, экран роскошные удобства, экран раздел KTV, клуб стеновая панель, экран конференц-зал, экран зал, нержавеющая сталь сдвинув экран, складывая перегородка, из нержавеющей стали вакуумного покрытия экрана.

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